About me

Hi There!

I’m Corinne! Welcome to Messy Good Life! I have over 15 years of experience as a therapist working with women who have felt overwhelmed, stressed and just don’t recognize who they are any longer.  They are burned out, always doing for others and never making themselves a priority. This leads to feeling unappreciated which then turns into resentment. Women often feel guilty they aren’t doing enough, even when they are doing it all. They are running on empty and can’t figure out how to make the changes they need to feel calm, confident and connected.

Can you relate to this feeling?  Let me tell you…You are not alone!

I have helped women become calm, confident and connected. Life isn’t going to be perfect. In fact, it is going to be messy at times. I can’t promise you won’t ever feel stress again but I can promise to teach you how to handle those messy moments in your life.  I will promise to teach you the skills to feel calm, become more confident, and feel connected to yourself and those important people around you.

Not only do I have the professional training but I am also a mom to 3 very active boys and a wife to a wonderful husband. Life gets busy and complicated at times. I have been where you are and know, life can get messy! It doesn’t have to stay this way.

I love working with women and watching them transform from burned out, stressed and lacking confidence into a calm, confident and connected mom. They aren’t worried when tough situations are thrown their way. They have the confidence and the skills to turn their chaotic life into a Messy Good Life!

Looking forward to working with you! See you soon.

Corinne XO